Celebrate Our Salmon

October 2023

Celebrate the return home of sockeye salmon after a 6000 kilometre journey to the ocean and back. The program explores the sockeye salmon life cycle and challenges as fish travel through different habitats, as well as efforts to restore salmon spawning habitat in Oliver. The 1.5 hour program is tied to the new science curriculum. Schools have the choice of visiting the Okanagan River Restoration Initiative site in the Osoyoos Oxbows or the fish ladder at the north end of the Penticton channel.

Grades: K to 4
Max. Size: 36 students
Program length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $85 per program
Please note: Schools must arrange for and provide their own transportation

COVID safety protocols: Program is entirely outside. Presenters will follow any BC Interior Health COVID safety protocols for schools that may apply to outdoor situations and that may be in place at the time of the presentation.

To register: email Rachel Bland at ecostudies@osca.org