Bird Migration

In 2023, this program will bring schools to Vaseux Lake, an important stopover for thousands of migrating birds! Through migration games, a nature walk to the bird blind, and a presentation about bird adaptations, students will explore bird migration and flight adaptations, conservation and threats. The Syilx story of the Yellow-breasted Chat highlights local first nations tradition and our collaboration with the Okanagan College biology department allows us to use a large number of physical wing, feather and bone samples from different native bird species. Students will be able to visually compare bird size and color and deduce flight adaptations, a key part of the year 3/4 curriculum. The bird migration experience allows for physical learning, in which students hunt for environmental and physical elements birds need for their migrations, as well as games which allows students to ‘experience’ the many challenges birds face.

*Please note that Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory is not operating in 2023, so this year’s bird migration field program will take place a little further south at the Vaseux Lake Wildlife Centre at the north end of the lake at the parking lot where the boardwalk and bird blind are accessed.

Grades: 3 and 4
Maximum Size:  30 students
Program length: 2 hours
Cost: $85 per program

COVID safety protocols: Program is entirely outside. Presenters will follow any BC Interior Health COVID safety protocols for schools that may apply to outdoor situations and that may be in place at the time of the presentation.

To register: email Rachel Bland at

*Please note that while the Bird Migration Teachers Guide remains full of useful information, some of the content relates to the Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory, which is not operating in 2023.

Click on these links to view teacher materials:
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