Bird Migration

This program brings the Vaseaux Lake Bird Observatory to school! Through videos, a presentation and games, students explore bird banding, bird migration and flight adaptations. The Syilx story of the Yellow-breasted Chat highlights local first nations tradition and our collaboration with the Okanagan College biology department allows us to use a large number of physical wing, feather and bone samples from different native bird species. Students will be able to visually compare bird size and color and deduce flight adaptations, a key part of the year 3/4 curriculum. Our new video provides an intimate look at many species of native birds and explains the banding process. The bird migration experience allows for physical learning, in which students hunt for environmental and physical elements birds need for their migrations, as well as games which allows students to ‘experience’ the many challenges birds face.

Grades: 3 and 4
Maximum Size:  30 students
Program length: 1 hour
Cost: $85 per program

COVID safety protocols: Video will be watched prior to presenter visit to minimize time presenter is at school. Presenter will be masked at all times on school grounds. Presenter will remain physically distanced from students and teachers and all physical specimens will be handled exclusively by presenter. When possible, presentation and games will occur outside.

To register: email Ella Braden at

Click on these links to view teacher materials:
Teachers Guide: Bird Migration Teachers Guide