Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance  OSCA ECOstudies Program 2016

October 2016

Learn about the anatomy and behaviour of this amazing flying mammal and discover some of the fifteen species of bats that live in the Okanagan.

Where do bats sleep, where do mother bats raise their young, and how can we help bats?
This hour long interactive PowerPoint presentation for Grades 1-9 uses props, videos, sound clips and a bat costume! The presentation can be given to several classes in a library or gymnasium.

Cost: $85, cheque payable to OSCA

Bat Resources for Teachers

Community Bat Programs of BC - information about BC Bats - www.bcbats.ca
Bat Conservation International - Halloween theme ideas - www.batcon.org
Bats Live - lesson plans, stories and ideas for elementary grades - www.batslive.pwnet.org
Mathwire bat math activities - www.mathwire.com
Bat craft ideas - www.dltk-holidays.com
The Teachers Guide: lesson plans, crafts and links to resources - www.theteachersguide.com
"Bats” by Adrienne Mason. Kids Can Press, 2003. Well illustrated bat facts.