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Save Our Salmon Fieldtrip to Oliver or Penticton River Channel

October 2016

Celebrate the return of sockeye salmon coming home after a 6000 kilometer journey to the ocean and back. The program explores the sockeye salmon life cycle and challenges as fish travel through different habitats, and efforts to restore salmon spawning habitat in Oliver and Penticton. The 1.5 hour program has links to the new K to Grade 4 science curriculum.

Field trip locations (choose one)
Please note: there are more salmon and better viewing opportunities from the Oliver location. Salmon are expected to return to the Penticton River channel in good numbers later in October. The dates that the field trips are offered may be adjusted once spawning begins.

  • Oliver Okanagan River Restoration Site: (October 10-17) 5 minutes north of Oliver, accessed via a 15 minute walk from the Oliver Visitors Centre or by parking at Pacific Silica next to the site.
  • Okanagan River Channel, Penticton: (October 18-20) parking available on Riverside Drive.
Maximum group size: 1 class or maximum of 36 students.
Program length: 1.5 hours
Dates: October 10 – 20, 2016
Cost: $50 per class ($300 value) payable by cheque to OSCA.

Save our Salmon Teachers’ Guide,
Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance  Salmon
Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance  Aiden Skinner with Sockeye