Bat facts
  • There are almost 1200 species of bats, that’s one quarter of all mammal species.
  • Bats have many important ecological functions worldwide: pollinating flowers, dispersing seeds, and here in North America—keeping insect population in check. They are a major predator of some agricultural insect pests.
  • Bats emit sounds that echo off surrounding objects and return to their large ears. Echolocation allows them to target flying insects which they usually scoop up with inside their tail membranes.
  • The large Yuma bat colony in downtown Peachland has its own web site and bat camera at
  • Wind farms can kill bats affected by the air pressure of the windmills.
  • White Nose syndrome is a fungus that is affecting bats in cave hibernation sites in eastern North America. It can kill of the whole population of a cave. Cave spelunkers are asked to clean their gear to stop the spread of the fungal disease.

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