Spadefoot Toad by Sara Ashpole
Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance Spadefoot Toad by Sara Ashpole spadefoot
Sage Grasslands
The Great Basin Spadefoot and Tiger Salamander are desert-adapted amphibians. They use ponds for breeding but live in the surrounding grasslands for most of the year. Spadefoots like to burrow under the ground to escape the heat and all amphibians use the surrounding areas as summer feeding habitat. Local amphibians like to live in sandy, rocky and muddy areas around water features. Try to keep these habitat areas away from roads and walkways where soils get compacted making it difficult for amphibians to dig.

Click here for other ideas on how you can you manage your property, ponds and surrounding grasslands to be amphibian friendly.

Amphibians are an important part of our ecosystem! In the Okanagan we have a variety of frogs and salamanders with unique needs! For more information, help with planning, or to report a sighting please contact General Program Enquiries at OSCA.