Tips For Creating a Wildlife-friendly Property

Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance  Photograph courtesey of Laure Neish. xeriscaping
Photograph courtesey of Laure Neish.

1. Restore natural habitat on your property and landscape with native plants - For ideas and advice on native plants and plants that require less water check out these sites:
2. Do you live by water? Enhance your shorelines and creeks - Tips on maintaining a healthy natural shoreline, how to build docks, maintain beaches and control run-off from your property. Check out Living By Water and Home Tips for Healthy Streams.

3. Build a frog pond or help monitor local wetlands - But remember! Never release non-native fish, frogs or reptiles into the wild. Non-native bullfrogs and turtles can and out-compete local wildlife for food. Click here to view or download a PDF of an Amphibian ID Card on local species Landscape Tips for amphibians. Click here to find out about frog calls and frog monitoring programs.

4. Be Bear Aware - Bear-proof your yard with a few simple steps at Bear Aware or visit the Be Aware of Bears section on this site.
Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance  Photograph courtesey of Dick Cannings. bird_feeder
Photograph courtesey of Dick Cannings.
5. Attracting birds - Birds need trees and shrubs for nesting and hiding habitat so the more greenery you have, the more bird-friendly your yard is. But if you have cats that are allowed outdoors do not try to attract birds. Cats are a major cause of bird mortality throughout the world. Bird feeders and nest boxes construction plans and advice on attracting birds can be found by clicking here.

6. Go Bats with Bat Boxes - Tips on attracting bats and preventing bats from roosting inside your home can be found by visiting the Bat Conservation International website.

7. Stewardship - Is the conservation of natural areas by landowners. The Land Conservancy (TLC) and SOS Stewardship Program offers advice and brochures for homeowners who wish to provide habitat for species at risk on their property. Click here to view the Publications and Factsheets.

8. Get rid of invasive plants - Invasive weeds can gradually overtake and ruin landscapes and natural areas. It is a good idea to keep weeds in check before they get out of hand. Check out information provided by the South Okanagan Similkameen Invasive Plant Society.